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Weber CoMechanics Ltd. was founded in 2000 by Mr. Egor Ryjikov and Mr. Rudolf Borsukov.

AIMING TO GET AND KEEP THE BEST PEOPLE. With few exceptions, all our sales and service personnel have engineering degrees and good command of English. To enhance the language capabilities of our staff we run 2 groups of English learning classes in Moscow and several others in our branch offices. Our departments’ assistants have knowledge of English and a high school education as well.

Almost all sales and service engineers had being trained at factories of our suppliers. In order to follow our development in Moscow and in our branch offices, we plan that our group will grow to around 750 people by the end of 2008.

Average age of our staff – 32 years. Company provides paid vacations, training, excellent medical insurance and other incentives to make Weber CoMechanics an attractive employer and a great place to work. This year, we’ve received the “Best 100 employers in Russia” award. Current total number of staff members of the group: 620 people in 7 cities

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Weber Comechanics
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