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Our philosophy and policies.

            There is a wide range of ways of cooperation between a Supplier and a local Agent/Dealer/Importer. It could be as simple and superficial as being an Agent who does only some case to case sales of Supplier’s products. Or it could be as deep as partnership relationships when a local Dealer takes lot of responsibilities for all aspects of representation of Supplier’s products and service on the Territory.

            When a Supplier and a Dealer have minimum level of cooperation and interdependence, then (as we see it again and again) a Dealer normally has very little motivation to invest much of efforts, people and budget into Supplier’s products and active work with target customer group. As a Dealer we are believers in proactive approach and we have never seen success cases of being a passive dealer.

            Normally we could be a very successful Dealer for a Supplier who shares our philosophy of proactive approach, who helps (or even pushes) our people to be more active and aim for a long term cooperation.


Below is a list of main guidelines that we follow with our suppliers:


No trade companies.

Are you looking for long term cooperation with your dealer?

Then probably you are a producer - not a trading company.

As a rule, we only work directly with original equipment manufacturers.



Do you want to have a passive or an active dealer?

Weber CoMechanics invests a large part of its profits into extensive promotional activity. The exclusive conditions thus are needed to secure Groups’ return on its own investments and to secure an opportunity of long term cooperation for mutual success of the parties.

Normally we are not interested to cooperate on non-exclusive basis. We need to be a sole Supplier’s distributor for all of Russian territory (and CIS countries) to avoid situation, when after initial efforts on promoting a new brand name on this market, we (or our dealers) would start to compete with other dealers (of the same supplier) in the same market with the same models of equipment. Probability of such situation (non-exclusive conditions) normally would prevent any dealer of necessary investments into active promotion, service and sales activities.



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